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Set of Four "Home" Series Mats Paper Patterns

Set of Four "Home" Series Mats Paper Patterns

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Set of Four "Home" Series Mats will include all four patterns, which includes "Welcome Home", "Comforts of Home", "Country Home" & "Simply Home"

Each pattern has a full sized color picture of the finished mats, template page for each mat, each will have full size pattern cut-outs, material sizes & instructions. There's even links in each pattern to watch Jane making these mats, which is great if you need further instruction!

Finished size of each mat is 9¼"

©Jane Currie Wile - all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, share or sell this pattern.
If you make this piece to sell or publicly post a picture of a finished piece, kindly credit Jane Currie-Wile @ All About Ewe Wool Shop. Thank You :)

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