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Fall'n Leaves Mat Paper Pattern

Fall'n Leaves Mat Paper Pattern

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There's something beautiful about autumn, when the leaves change color - getting ready for winter! The little sheep even get to enjoy grazing beneath the tree with the sunflowers & pumpkins...

This is for the full pattern with color photo, full instructions with photos, templates, material list & even a link to watch Jane Currie Wile stitching this mat!

The sky (Hazy day), grass (Great Green), sheep (Lambswool), tree trunk (Espresso) & pumpkins (Pumpkin Peel) all come from our line of hand dyed wools, also available on our website ☺️
Finished size is 10" × 10"

©Jane Currie Wile & Erin Wile Piccini - all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, share or sell this pattern.
If you make this piece to sell or publicly post a picture of a finished piece, kindly credit Jane Currie-Wile & Erin Wile Piccini @ All About Ewe Wool Shop. Thank You :)

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