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WOOL BALLS & BUTTONS Digital Download

WOOL BALLS & BUTTONS Digital Download

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Wool Balls and Buttons are so fun to decorate with & QUICK to make! Since these are so easy to make, the pattern has very simple one page instructions with 9 color pictures & cover photo to help guide you in making them with ease. There is also a link watching Jane make them, if you prefer visual learning, or just for entertainment :) Prints on letter size paper.

These display beautifully on their own, or with other decorations - in a bowl, on a shelf, in the window sill or even hanging on a tree!

©Jane Currie Wile - all rights reserved.​ Please do not reproduce, share or sell this pattern.
If you make this piece to sell or publicly post a picture of a finished piece, kindly credit Jane Currie-Wile @ All About Ewe Wool Shop. Thank You :)

Digital Patterns are non-refundable.

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