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RED VIOLET VALUES P | Set of 4 Hand Dyed Wool

RED VIOLET VALUES P | Set of 4 Hand Dyed Wool

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Fabric Cut

You get one piece of each value in the set in whichever size you select. For example if you order 1/4 Yd Uncut Fabric & you will receive 1/4 Yd of EACH color in the value set - totalling a full yard.
Wools are all shown in a photo together, as well as individually. This wool is part of a "Value" set. You purchase individually as well by searching the name of the wool. Then you will see them all listed. For example search "Capri" and you will see "Capri, Capri 01, Capri 02 & Capri 03" which are all the same color - but there are 4 levels of darkness :) These are our beautifully soft Hand Dyed Wool pieces. We dye all of our wools using Natural 100% Wool... felted and ready to cut. Excellent for use in your Rug Hooking, Rug Punching, Wool Applique, Penny Mats, Quilting and other Fiber Art projects.

1/16 Yard (Approx. 4"x27")
1/8 Yard (Approx. 8"x27")
1/4 Yard (Approx. 16"x27")
1/2 Yard (Approx. 27"x32")

Cut Strip Sizes:1/2" x 27" Ripped Strips are used in some of our projects for Wide Strip Hooking & Whipping.
#4 cut (1/8"x27")
#5 cut (5/32"x27")
#6 cut (6/32"x27")
#7 cut (7/32"x27")
#8 cut (1/4"x27")
#12 cut (3/8"x27"
Determining the amount of wool needed for your project:
The general rule for calculating the amount of wool you will need is your wool size must be four times the area you wish to hook BUT if you are hooking in every hole or are a high loop hooker you would need to add more.
Generally, in traditional rug hooking, you only hook every second hole so your work is not too tight as this will cause your piece to not lay flat when finished. Also your loop height should be about the same as the width of your wool cut.... smaller cuts = lower loops, larger cuts = higher loops.

Please note: Each piece of wool is dyed in 1/2 Yard pieces which means the mottling will vary from batch to batch, but the tones will remain the same. Please also keep in mind that different screens may show colors in images slightly differently. If you requested any wool to be pre-cut into strips, we cannot accept it as a return.

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