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Pumpkin Patch Kit

Pumpkin Patch Kit

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These cutest little pumpkins have been catching attention since they appeared in our shop!
Kits come with a Hand Dyed Spiced Pumpkin Wool Texture Bundle to cut out your pumpkins, plus wool for ties, sticks & full pattern with the option of adding thread pack using Valdani Perle Cotton Threads to your kit! Thread pack contains enough thread to complete one kit. You will need stuffing, we used our Stuffing Bags to stuff our display pumpkins. These vary in size, based on your own personal preference.We made 10 pumpkins from one bundle! You can get more Hand Dyed Spiced Orange Wool if you want to make more pumpkins!

©Jane Currie Wile - all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, share or sell this pattern.
If you make this piece to sell or publicly post a picture of a finished piece, kindly credit Jane Currie-Wile @ All About Ewe Wool Shop. Thank You :)

Please keep in mind that different monitors/screens may show colors in images slightly different. When we took the photos we made sure colors show as true in images as the color shows in person :) Wools in kits may differ from wools shown in pictures, but will always be a wonderful variety of beautiful colors as close as possible to the wools in sample photos.

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