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Kit comes with pattern hand drawn onto linen & all the hand dyed wools to hook or punch the pennies, star & pot. DOES NOT include wool for background, or binding/whipping.
Wools included will be a beautiful variety of 32 different color pieces for the pennies (16 pieces that are each approx 2" x 13" as well as 16 pieces that are each approx 2" x 16"), one brown piece that is approx 4" x 13" for the pot (Chocolate Delight) & one golden piece that is approx 4" x 27" for the star (Bronze). These are all our own hand dyed wools that are included in this kit. Wool colors included may vary from wools shown in pictures.

If you choose to add the background wool from any of our hand dyed wools, you will need between ½yd to ¾yd depending on how high you make your loops when you hook your piece.

Pattern measures 13½" x 22" 

Option to add Moshimer Rug Hook here: Search: 6 results found for "moshimer" – All About Ewe Wool Shop

Option to add Oxford Punch Tool here: Oxford #10 Regular Punch ¼" depth – All About Ewe Wool Shop

Choice of your wool pieces left uncut as shown in pictures, or we can cut them into the following size cuts.
#4 cut (1/8" wide strips)
#5 cut (5/32" wide strips)
#6 cut (6/32" wide strips)
#7 cut (7/32" wide strips)
#8 cut (1/4" wide strips)
If you choose to have us cut your wool pieces into strips, please indicate which size cut you wish to have from the above listed sizes in a note on your order. If you do not indicate which size strips you want, we will automatically cut them into size #6 for your kit.

©Jane Currie Wile - all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, share or sell this pattern.
If you make this piece to sell or publicly post a picture of a finished piece, kindly credit Jane Currie-Wile @ All About Ewe Wool Shop. Thank You :)

Please keep in mind that different monitors/screens may show colors in images slightly different. When we took the photos we made sure colors show as true in images as the color shows in person :) Wools in kits may differ from wools shown in pictures, but will always be a wonderful variety of beautiful colors as close as possible to the wools in sample photos.

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