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Pre-cut Wool Penny Packs | 25 or 50 Count | 2 1/2 inch

Pre-cut Wool Penny Packs | 25 or 50 Count | 2 1/2 inch

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Choose 25 or 50 Wool Pennies in a variety of color choices. These are all pre-cut & ready for your project. Our pennies are all die cut, so they are all perfectly round!

These pennies are all cut from NEW, felted wools, please keep in mind that the actual wools in your penny packs may differ from the exact wools shown in photos. When ordering a specific colorway (example, all teals, all reds, all yellows, etc.) if neccessary, you may receive up to 5 of the same wool in a 25 pack & up to 10 of the same wool in a 50 pack, but we always are sure to give the best variety we can. Wools in packs are always based on availabilty of wools. When ordering multi colored, we try not to duplicate any wools more than once, if at all. All of our wool's are felted in hot water & high heat dried, so any finished project can be hand-washed in cool water & laid flat to dry without any fear of further shrinkage.

Please keep in mind that different displays may show colors in images slightly different.
Thanks so much for browsing our shop! We hope you enjoy!

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