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CHAROITE Hand Dyed Wool

CHAROITE Hand Dyed Wool

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Fabric Cut

A beautifully soft Hand Dyed Wool felted & ready to cut. Excellent for use in your Rug Hooking, Rug Punching, Wool Applique, Penny Mats, Quilting & other Fiber Art projects.

Approximate Fabric Sizes: 1/8 Yard 8"x27" | 1/4 Yard 16"x27" | 1/2 Yard 27"x32"

Cut Strip Sizes:
1/2" x 27" Ripped Strips are used in some of our projects for Wide Strip Hooking & Whipping.
#4 cut (1/8"x27")
#5 cut (5/32"x27")
#6 cut (6/32"x27")
#7 cut (7/32"x27")
#8 cut (1/4"x27")
#12 cut (3/8"x27")
The general rule for calculating the amount of wool you will need is your wool size must be four times the area you wish to hook BUT if you are hooking in every hole or are a high loop hooker you would need to add more.

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